Lumpy Space Princess, Leather and Use Your Illusions…It Must Be Comic Book Quickies!

Quickies by Shaun Daniels and Edited by Sharon Wong

Adventure Time Issue 3

Written by Ryan North, Michael DeForge & Zac Gorman, Art by Shelli ParolineBraden Lamb, Michael DeForge & Zac Gorman, Letters by Steve Wands and Published by Kaboom!/Boom! Studios. Retail Price $3.99

OK, not quite horror, even though the book features a lich as the foil for the main story, but we at The Fright Channel & Horror Haven love Adventure Time!  This issue, número tres, is the second to last part of the opening arc of the series.  Fin, Jake, Lumpy Space Princess and the rest of the cast finally defeat the evil Lich but there’s still one major problem to contend with.  Where is the land of Ooo?  There are two backup stories in the book; a hilarious one featuring Lumpy Space Princess and a one-page story that comes at the expense of Fin’s pride.

Hellraiser Annual Issue 1

Written by Clive Barker & Mark Miller, Art by Janusz Ordon, Cover by Tim Bradstreet and Published by Boom! Studios. Retail Price $4.99

With one year under its belt, this annual is planting seeds for stories to come.  It’s has been one hell of a ride for Pinhead, the Cenobites and the Cottons.  If there was a status quo, you can kiss it goodbye with this issue as big shake ups are in store for the sides of good and evil.  Clive Barker is making his masterful return to the franchise that put him on the horror roadmap.

Smoke and Mirrors Issue 2

Written by Mike Costa & Jon Armstrong, Artist Ryan Browne & Jenny Frison and Published by IDW. Retail Price $3.99

In this carefully crafted world by the creative team of Costa, Armstrong and Browne, magic is what literally makes the world go round (just imagine your iPod or TV is powered by magic, not electricity).  Terry Ward is not using real magic but illusions and sleight-of-hand to navigate the world around him.  In this issue, he befriends a young boy and the trouble that follows him.

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