Hitman, Exploding Apes & DHP it's Comic Book Quickies 9/21/11

Near Dead issue # 1
Written by Jay Faeber, Art by Simone Guglielmini, Cover by Tom Coker Published by Image Comics, Retail Price $2.99
Mayhew is a killer for hire who has seen the light, both literally and figuratively.  After a job goes south he turns to his friend and confidant to patch him up.  On the operating table his heart stops and he is visited by all of his past kills.  This spiritual intervention sends Mayhew on a new path but it’s not all that far of his original.  This book is fun and feels like throw back to a 70’s or 80’s tv show but with modern sensibility.

Planet of the Apes Issue # 6
Written by Daryl Gregory, Art by Carlos Magno, Colors by Darrin Moore, Leters by Travis Lanham, Covers by Carlos Magno & Damian Couciero
Give a monkey a brain and he’ll swear he’s the center of the universe.  Give a man an RPG and he blow up those damn monkeys.  Issue six the resistance takes to the swamps and it pays off in the way of some heavy ordinance.  Meanwhile, all is not well for human nor ape at Happy Valley Retraining Camp.




Dark Horse Presents Issue # 4
Written by Steve Niles, Evan Dorkin, Carla Speed McNeil, Neal Adams, Howard Chaykin, Art by Jill Thompson, Carla Speed McNeil, Neal Adams, Geof Darrow, Sergio Aragones, Cover Artist Fiona Staples, Published by Dark Horse Comics, Retail Price $7.99
There are two big reasons you should by buying this book.  Reason one: a brand new chapter in a Fright Channel favorite, Beast of Burden by Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson.  This story follows the pups of Burden Hill as they come face to face with the supernatural and keep the unsuspected humans from ever knowing the true terrors of this world.  The second is another brand new chapter of Criminal Macabre by Steven Niles.  This hardboiled supernatural thriller is going to wet your appetite for the new Criminal Macabre series coming soon.

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