Heroes of Horror by Ed Davis

Deep within the walls of this Horror Haven, the terrors and horrors of our youth still prowl. You can come equipped with stakes and silver bullets but, you will not need them here. Though the zombies and monsters roam free, Know you are safe…somewhat.  Let’s revisit one of these classic monsters now, maybe the king of them all…

Born in the heart of nuclear testing in 1954, Godzilla has the undisputed title of King of The Monsters.  Depending on who you talk to, he is anywhere from 50 to 100 meters tall. His large dorsal scales burn with radiation, unleashing his deadly atomic breath on an unsuspecting opponent, or even the Japanese army. His tail is just as deadly, as many buildings and foes have fallen under it’s power.
He has been our friend and our nightmare. The original creature attacked Japan and devastated everything. Thanks to Dr. Daisuke Serizawa’s Oxygen Destroyer, we were rid of the beast before it could spread its havoc elsewhere. Japan rebuilt, and they thought the threat had ended.
Two creatures appeared on the scene after this. They were considered Fire Monsters. One was names Anguirus, a spiky, horned four-legged monster. The other they discover to be a new Godzilla monster. Looking much like the creature that destroyed Tokyo before, it begs the question, how many of these creatures are there? Could an army of these monsters attack at some point. It seems the world would be lost if this happens. Luckily, a kamikaze pilot is able to bury this creature under a ton of ice, and we had hoped that was the last appearance of these monsters.
We became aware of another King around this time called Kong! They think he may be linked to a large ape that climbed and fell from the Empire State Building in the 30’s but no confirmation has been made. Godzilla awoke from his icy slumber, attacking a nearby Arctic base. Capturing Kong from Faro Island, Pacific Pharmaceuticals (now out of business) hoped they could get the two monsters to fight. And they did, all over the countryside. It is one of the most savage battles fought, and only ends when the two tumble into the pacific ocean. King Kong emerges first, and begins the long swim back to Faro Island. Godzilla does not emerge. It has the capability to swim long distances underwater so, it would make sense that it would not come up for another round. Some experts think Godzilla stayed close, even managing to hibernate, and heal in the sands of Karuda Beach.
Shortly after this, a typhoon washes a wonderfully colored egg up on the shores of Karuda Beach. Godzilla unleashes himself on the world again, with a hunger he hopes to satisfy with a giant mutant egg! Another monster shows up from Infant Island, the winged Mothra here to protect her egg. The two duel and Mothra is mortally wounded. With her death, the egg hatches. Two giant larva attack Godzilla burying him in a large cocoon. The King is sent back out to sea, where we presume he is eventually able to break free.
Japan got much more then it bargained for, and we were all beginning to think the world was ending. Godzilla had shown up with Rodan, a giant bird and the three-headed monster, Ghidorah. Surely, this was the endtimes. Along for the ride were strange aliens from Venus. They were controlling the three monsters. And if was not for the timely intervention of one of the adult Mothras, they would have destroyed everything. We never did discover what happened to the other larva.
Things changed after that, Godzilla had started to become a protector of the people. When Planet X unleashed Monster Zero (Ghidorah once again), Godzilla teamed with Rodan to face the tri-headed beast. They were all under control of the aliens, and after their spacecraft was destroyed, Ghidorah was sent packing. We wished this was the last time we saw it.
Godzilla made several more appearances after this. He faced a giant lobster, giant praying mantis, and even a giant spider. A son of sorts was taken under his wing, Minilla or Minya to some, was found by Godzilla. We’re still not sure how this creature came about. It seems to exhibit much of the same powers as Godzilla on a smaller scale.
One of the worst attacks followed this. It was named Operation: Destroy All Monsters. At least ten of these monsters attacked cities around the world, and the worse was realized. How could we even think we ruled while our cities fell around us. We had contained them all on Monster Island at the turn of the 20th century. The aliens Kilaaks were able to control them. The United Nations Science Committee was able to reverse the frequency they were broadcasting on and a battle royale begin giving King Ghidorah one of its worst beatings. 
Godzilla faces many more foes during this time. Hedorah, the Smog Monster; Gigan; Megalon; and King Ghidorah once more. He is joined in his battles by Jet Jaguar and Anguirus.
Most recently, Godzilla has appeared to face the strange metal monster, Mechagodzilla. All we know is that is from outer space, and operated by strange ape-like creatures. It marked the arrival of King Ceaser, the protector of Okinawa who teamed with Godzilla to face it. We last saw Godzilla defeating the Titanosauras somewhere in the Okinawan sea. After defeating his foe, Godzilla headed off into the sea and has not been seen since.
It’s often wondered why these creatures were drawn to Japan to cause such turmoil. Japan always was able to rebuild, and will do so again. I doubt we have seen the last of the King of The Monsters, but I wonder if he will return as friend or foe?

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