Hack/Slash issue #3

Written by Tim Seeley, Art by Daniel Leister, colors by Mark Englert, Letters by Crank.

Hack/Slash has made the leap from Devils Due Publishing to Image Comics in a single bound.  The transition between the two companies has been seamless due in large part to the creative team of writer Tim Seeley and artist Daniel Leister.  Hack/Slash captures the suspense, sex and action of a good Slasher film.

With the last issue revealing the return of Bobby Brunswick, the news has sent Cassie and Vlad hauling ass across the country to save their friends, Chris and the gang.  In the truck rocketing down the highway, Cassie and Vlad discuss his “insecurities” with a stowaway in the back of the truck, waiting for her moment to strike.  Meanwhile Chris, Ava, Cat and Sheriff Reilly make their way to save Lisa from Bobby Brunswick, but are stopped by hordes of undead zombie animals.  The sheriff breaks away from the group after dispatching the herd of zombie deer, only to report to the Black Lamp.  Before Chris and the gang get to save Lisa, she is saved by Samhain.  Cut back to Vlad and Cassie, and the ending of the book will leave the reader wondering what the stowaway has in store for the dynamic duo.

Tim Seeley turns in another solid piece of writing and is an equally talented artist to boot.  Seeley is able to give each character their own distinct voice and personality, adding to the depth of the characters.  It is also very clear that Seeley is a horror fan, more specifically Slashers, since he has helped to expand the definition of Slashers.  One often overlooked feature of this book is that the story arcs very seldom go over three issues if ever, making it easy for new readers to jump in or to wait for a good starting point.

Daniel Leister’s art is fun and easy to look at, and not just the character of Cassie.  The overall look of this book screams fun.  Leister has mastered the art of giving us the sexiness of the book readers have come to know as well as the action and gore of a good Slasher film.

This is a fantastic read for a Slasher/horror fan, but will appeal to anyone who wants a fun read.