Welcome to the 3rd episode of Fright Lounge!! We had some technical issues and it was really user error because I neglected to select the proper streaming option and so Zoom only would allow us to go to Facebook. I’ve since realized my error and that won’t happen again!! So I apologize to all the YouTube subscribers of my page!! Anyway, here is the full video, unedited, so the beginning is a little rough and you can hear me bellyaching about the fact that I can’t simultaneously get the stream on YouTube. Ha Ha! In this episode, Bill Van Ryn and I are joined by horror author James Harberson whose new book, The Comorbidities, has been making a splash! Our topics include Jim’s books as well as horror books in general, with a discussion about books we read as kids that got us into horror!! We also talk about the films Terror Train (1980) and My Bloody Valentine (1981) and Bill has a fascinating story to go with that. Then we segue into the Old Time Radio Show, Suspense! And finally, Jim gives us a brief description of a little-known horror sub-genre called “Pinky Violence”, which we’ll dive into fully in a future episode!!


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