Flesh Update or Texas, Only Two Thing Comes From Texas…

Texas:  Part Four

The showdown has begun between the Cowboys and Gorehead the Rex.  This time around, Gorehead is not alone.  The assault quickly turns from bad to worse to DEFCON 5.  It’s clear that after a few salvos of a bazooka and other heavy ordinance that not much is working.  Part Four is another great chapter in the Flesh sequel and adds a new wrinkle to the story as the ulterior motives of the Cowboys becomes clearer.  This issue also includes a brief bio on several of the Cowboys, giving insight into the characters.

Texas:  Part Five

The Cowboys get a break as Gorehead the Rex vanishes into the time stream, at least for the time being.  The group rejoices and get a bit spiritual; with some of the cowboys even thinking that Gorehead is Satan himself.  The body count continues to rise matching the heat and humidity of prehistoric time.

This story is a writing and art clinic with Pat Mills and James MacKay who are at the top of their game.  Mills’s razor sharp dialogue gives each Cowboy a unique voice that reflects their deteriorating mental states while MacKay keeps the pace with his dark and gritty art that adds to both the mood and atmosphere.