Written by Kurt Busiek & Daryl Gregory, Art by Damian Couceiro and Published by Boom! Studios.  Retail price $3.99

Dracula has skeletons in his closet and they are catching up to him.  Evan and Marta struggle to find a way to bring down the corporate monster, that’s literally a corporate monster.  You can’t beat the creative team of Busiek, Gregory, and Coucerio because Dracula: The Company of Monsters is a unique take on Dracula, horror, and all things supernatural.  Hands down, nothing like this has been published in a long time.



30 Days of Night: Night Again issue #2  Written by Joe R. Lansdale, Art & Covers by Sam Keith and Published by IDW.  Retail price $3.99

This is the third chapter in the 30 Days of Night franchise and if you don’t have either Steven Niles or Ben Templesmith work on it, it’s a safe bet that Lansdale and Keith will do the series justice.  Taking place after the vampires ravished Alaska, the survivors are held up at a research facility with a mysterious metal coffin that was recovered from the snow.  Will the survivors find out what’s inside the artifact or will the vampires catch up for a meal on the go?





Intrepids issue #4  Written by Kurtis J. Wiebe, Art by Scott Kowalchuk and Published by Image Comics.  Retail price $2.99


The word some might throw out about the best series ever published about a team of orphans brought together to fight a rogue mad scientist is EPIC!!!!  With the gang of the Intrepids hot on the heels of Doctor Koi, can they keep it together in time to capture the evil fiend or will the team self implode?  This issue is starting the final countdown of the miniseries that is clearly one of Horror Haven’s favorites of the year.




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