Double Shot of XX…It’s Action Double Feature 3

Review by Shaun Daniels and Edited by Sharon Wong

Action Double Feature 3 Published by Four Star Studios

Athena Voltaire & The Wings of Death
Written & Drawn by Steve Bryant, Colors by Jason Millet with Assist by Jim Nelson, Letters by Josh Crawley, Covers by Steve Bryant & Chad Fidler and Edited by Chris Murrin

Amelia Earhart: Jungle Princess
Written by James Asmus, Art by Mike Dimayuga, Colors by Nate Lovett and Letters by Crank!

Four Star Studios’ Action Double Feature cubed offers a double helping of female aviatrix set in the 1930s. The first story marks the return a long time in the making of the world’s greatest occult, Nazi-battling Athena Voltaire. The second and last adventure features the still missing Amelia Earhart, who finds herself on a mysterious island.

Athena Voltaire & The Wings of Death drops the reader and Athena Voltaire in the middle of a rock and a hard place; the bound Athena & British Agent Forsyth are about to become crocodile food. Only Athena’s quick thinking saves their bacon from the snapping jaws but as the saying goes, out of the oven and into the frying pan. The pirates that tied up the duo have awoken a flying demon, who in turn, turned on the pirates and it’s up to Athena to stop the demon menace. This story has one rough spot, but a simple one; Athena and agent Forsyth are shackled with their guns. Sounds nitpicky but who ties up prisoners with their weapons still on them? Other than that, this story pretty much sums up Athena Voltaire…action, planes and the occult. Bryant’s art is a throwback to the classic cartoon strip style that lends itself to the ‘30s feel.

Next on deck is Amelia Earhart, not the aviatrix we’ve come to know but her as a jungle princess. SPOILER ALERT! Earhart never finished her flight around the world, and James Asmus and Mike Dimayuga are giving us a look at what might have happened to her. In this tale, Earhart is living on an island amongst its native people. At no point does the story explain how she ends up there or the whereabouts of Earhart’s navigator, Fred Noonan, instead hinting at a much bigger mystery. Overall, this was a great character piece on Amelia Earhart with the story showing the determination and strength of the famous aviator in the form of a conflict with a native. The art juxtaposes Earhart’s tiny frame to her drive to succeed in a man’s world. As for the mystery as to what happened to Earhart, this story comes up short. The very end of the story hints at this mystery but it’s too subtle. It could have served the story well to show something else like making the island special, unique or just plain weird. Again, it’s a good character piece that really gets to the root of Earhart.

ADF3 is fun, action-packed book that shows strong female characters succeeding in a man’s world, all while kicking ass in the process. Make sure you go to the app store and leave a review for Double Feature.

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