DC New 52 – Week 2 Recap

DC New 52 – Week 2 Recap


So, Week 2 has come and gone and much like last week it was full of hits, surprises and misses. This week had a whole lot of villains as main characters and had great re-imagining of some familiar faces. Week 2 is edging out the first week with which week we loved more. So without further adieu, here in a nut shell is DC New 52, Week 2:


Putting on the Hits

 Demon Knights Issue #1

Written by Paul Cornell, Pencils by Diogenes Neves, Inks by Oclair Albert

Paul Cornell must have sat in on our D & D sessions because Demon Knights starts off like so many of our old adventures. A bunch of characters meet in a tavern and then, the shit hits the fan. Not only is Demon Knights action packed but Cornell is setting up tension with the love triangle between Madame Xanadu, Jason Blood and Etrigan. As for dialogue, this issue boasts the best line of the year, “We find the source of the problem… and we throw Dragons at it”. Until reading this issue Vandal Savage was just a villain to us, but now, we want to take the man out for drinks. The art is full of kinetic energy with a great pairing of Diogenes Neves’ pencils and Oclair Albert’s inks.



Frankenstein and the Agents of S.H.A.D.E. Issue #1

Written by Jeff Lemire, Art by Alberto Pontichelli

This book was the runner up for our favorite this week. Lemire gives us his weird take on an equally weird group comprised of: Frankenstein, a Mummy who’s a field medic, Werewolf, Vampire and a MerWoman. The team is sent into rescue Frankie’s wife from a city overrun with monsters. Frankie’s wife appears to be a Martian straight out of an Edgar Rice Borrows novel. Full of fun, crazy, high concept sci-fi and jam packed with monsters, this is a fun read for both art and story. Highlights in this book: a cameo by Ray Palmer, and Father Time now resides in the body of a Japanese schoolgirl wearing a domino mask.



Resurrection Man Issue # 1

Written by Dan Abnet & Andy Lanning, Art by Fernando Dagnino

He dies and comes back to life with a new super power; sounds like a interesting story, but then Abnet and Lanning take it and turn it on it’s ear. It appears that the soul of Mitch Shelly is very valuable for both good and evil. Every angel, demon and everything in-between are out to collect Mitch’s soul. The Art by Dagnino is dark and adds to the mystery that surrounds The Resurrection Man.


Grifter Issue #1

Written by Nathan Edmonson, Pencil Cafu, Inks by Jason Gorder

Grifter is exactly what many of the DC titles needed to do: start fresh. Yes, the series seems to have the familiar foe of the Demonites who originally appeared in the 90’s Wild C.A.Ts series. These Demonites seem more menacing and creepier than in the original version. Although it is unclear, as of the first issue, but it would seem that this is the origin of Grifter. The art was handled perfectly and considering the pedigree of the past artist on this book, it must have been a daunting task.


The Surprises


Suicide Squad Issue # 1

Written by Adam Glass, Art by Federico Dallacchio, Ransom Getty & Scott Hanna, Colors by Val Staples

What better way to start a book than to have it open with the main characters, the villains,  being tortured? None that we can think of! It’s hard to write a villain team book in the wake of the Secret Six. This book delivers with a whole bunch of twist and turns and has the second best dialogue of this year with King Shark’s line, “MEAT! MEAT! MEAT!”. With all the hullabaloo about the changes to character of Harley Quinn, it seems the only real change is her costume. The art team coupled with Val Staples’ colors, makes this book look and feel dark and dirty, adding to the villainy of the comic.


Deathstroke Issue #1

Written by Kyle Higgins, Pencils by Joe Bennett, Inks by Art Thibert Cover by Simon Bisely

Take the first 5 minutes of an action movie, put in a comic and you’ll get issue one of Deathstroke. His series in the 90’s was a staple of many of our comic book diets. Slade Wilson, AKA Deathstroke was a badass and still is a badass. Instead of a new take on the character, Higgins focuses on Wilson’s place in the world of mercenaries. Getting old in a cut throat business is not a place you want to find yourself, not even for Wilson. With jobs getting fewer, Wilson is paired up with a group of young mercenaries but will the partnership last? The highlight of this book are the Clayface foot soldiers created by a Nazi scientist. Bennett’s pencils are enhanced by the constant draftsmanship of Art Thibert.


The Miss


Mr. Terrific Issue #1

Written by Eric Wallace, Pencils Gianluca Gugliota, Inks by Wayne Faucher

Mr. Terrific was not a character we thought of as needing his own book, but what the hell? Why not? Unfortunately, the book falls short with it’s re-imagining of the character, and the writing tries to get a little clever with the use of British slang. Overall not a terrible story; just the book could have had better direction.






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