Coming Wednesday: Intrepids issue 2

Intrepids Issue 2

STORY BY  Kurtis J Wiebe, ART BY Scott Kowalchuk, COLORS BY Justin Scott, LETTERS BY Frank Zigarelli

COVER BY Hoang Nguyen, PUBLISHER Image Comics.

A breath of fresh air is an understatement when describing ‘Intrepids’,  it feels more like a palette cleanser…not too heavy, not too light.  ‘Intrepids’ is the story of a group of orphans trained like super spies to take down Mad Scientist.   Armed with gadgets ranging from strength enhancing exo-skeletons to jet packs, this team is well-armed and on the forefront of the crusade against Mad Scientist.

In issue 2, the hunt for Doctor Koi continues as the team tries to shake down a possible lead.  The lead is one Darius Dread, who is alleged, to have info on the very whereabouts of Doctor Koi.  The shake down goes sour as the team is easily taken care of by a well trained group of baboons (Darius Dread’s “Battle Baboons”).    Darius Dread, seemingly, has turned over a new leaf and this lead turns out to be of some use.  The team is given a contact number belonging  to a man named Jonah Dante, who acts as a middle man for Doctor Koi.  With the team thinking they are getting the jump on Jonah, it starts to become all too clear that they were being watched by Jonah all along.

The writing on this has been fun and quirky.  In a book with as many main characters as Intrepids has, Wiebe does a great job giving each character its own voice.  The book is a quick read but by no means is it light on plot or story.  Wiebe also sets up character moments between the members of the team creating an interesting dynamic.

By the same token, the art on this book is simple, but that doesn’t make it skimpy or bad.  The character designs are great and adds to the characters’ depth.  Kowalchuk uses body types as well as how the characters dress to convey bits and pieces of their personalities.  Lastly Kowalchuk does such a superb job of conveying emotion with the facial expressions of the characters.

This book is a must buy and will fit nicely in your stack, giving you that much needed breath of fresh air.  If you are a fan of intelligent apes trained like an assault team, then this might be the book for you!  Mad Scientist + Super Ape Strike Force = Awesome Sauce!

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