Full Moon

The Dresden Files: Fool Moon #1 is another in a long line of adaptations of Jim Butcher’s Dresden into other forms of media.  Much like the TV show, this comic is fantastic; it’s going to make you dust off your novels and read them all over again.  Full Moon is another great installment in the Dresden File series about loveable magician Harry Dresden as he helps the police and protects the unknowing public from Nevernever creatures.

The story opens much like the books with the reader being treated to the last moments of a federal agent’s life as he is ripped to shreds by some type of Lycanthrope.  The agent is, or rather was, in over his head which was why he was seeking out the aid of one Mr. Harry Dresden.   From here it cuts to none other than infamous Harry Dresden who, at this point in the series, is down on his luck and just pissed off the last of his few remaining friends.  Reluctantly, Harry is brought on board on a case by Lt. Karrin Murphy.  This case will further place Harry under the scrutiny of the mysterious White Council and Chicago’s finest.

Mark Powers has the daunting task of scripting the series for Dynamite Entertainment.  The hard part is determining what to leave out and what to keep from the book all while giving the comic its own voice.  Powers does a fantastic job scripting, capturing the feel of the story and even the voice of Harry Dresden.

Art chores are done by Chase Conley who breathes a fresh breath of air into the life of Harry Dresden.  Conley really seals the deal as the artist by making Harry look cool even in his duster which under normal circumstances, is hard to pull off.

Any fan of The Dresden Files would be doing themselves a disservice by not picking this one up.  Actually, every single person would do themselves a disservice by not picking this up.

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