Comic Book Quickies for April 20th 2011

One conclusion, one continuation and one premiere…what a week!

Days Missing Kestus Issue #5

Written by Phil Hester, Art by David Marquez, Colors by Digikore, Letters by Troy Peteri and Published by Archaia

This mind-blowing, pulse-shattering conclusion to the miniseries will leave you rethinking the history of mankind.  The Steward finds himself at the endgame of quest but the villain revealed even surprises the man out of time.  The fate of the world hangs in the balance of the Steward but will he usher the human race into a new era or their death?

28 Days Later issue #28

Written by Michael Alan Nelson, Drawn by Pablo Peppino and Published by Boom Studios

London calling…and Selena is answering the call and then some.  The reason why why Selena journeyed back into the hell known as London is revealed.  Clint’s journey is about to come to an end but he’ll need Selena to survive.  This comic will bridge the gap between the two movies and is a must read.

Dark Horse Comics Presents issue #1

Published by Dark Horse and Written by Various Artists & Art by Various Artists

Back from the dead is the new Dark Horse Comics Presents.  This issue is an amazing kickoff with a new Concrete story by Paul Chadwick and a sneak peak of the much anticipated Xerxes by Frank Miller.  Also featured in this premiere issue are Neal Adams, Howard Chaykin, Richard Corbern and a Star Wars story.

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