Comic Book Quickies April 13 2011

Heading to the comic shop today here are three comics not to pass up

Grimm Fairy Tales Issue 58 Zenescope Entertainment

Sela finds herself stranded in the fairy tale world of Myst with the weight of that world on her shoulders.   The journey to free Erik’s soul has made Sela a most unusual ally and of course, brought her to the doorstep of two enemies who have their sights on Sela’s head.  Written by Joe Brush, Cover by Steven Cummings.

Angel 100 Page Spectacular IDW

With Angel heading back to Dark Horse Comics, IDW has put together some of the greatest hits of the current series.  All though this issue is not the last, it is a great send off for the series and a great way to sample the best writing Angel has seen since the TV show.  Written by Jeff Mariotte, Brian Lynch & Scott Tipton, Art by David Messina & Stephen Mooney, Cover by Nick Runge.

Night of the Living Dead issue 4 of 5 Avatar Press

This politically charged series shuffles along to its conclusion.  Playing on events of the past, this series easily mimics the social and political climate of the current time.  This series does a great job carrying on the Night of the Living Dead namesake.  Written by Mike Wolfer & John Russo, Art by Tomas Aira, Cover by Paul Duffield.

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