Comic Book Quickies 5/11/11

Haven’t been to the comic shop yet, here are three comics not to miss…

Hellboy Being Human (One Shot)  Written by Mike Mignola, Art by Richard Corben

OK, what happens when a witch throws a dinner party for some living-challenged friends and Hellboy, and then Roger the Homunculus shows up?  ASSKICKERY!… that’s what happens.  This one shot reunites Mike Mignola and Richard Corben who have previously collaborated on Hellboy in México, Hellboy: The Crooked Man and Hellboy:  The Bride of Hell.  The tale is set in the early stage of Roger and Hellboy’s career.  Corben’s art alone could sell this book but it doesn’t hurt that Mignola is a raconteur.

Crossed Psychopath #2  Written by David Lapham, Art by Raulo Caceres, Published by Avatar

Harold Lorre has convinced…no, has charmed the naive survivors in joining him on a mission of utmost importance at least in his deranged mind.  This is a world where very few are not infected with the crossed plague which leaves its victims with a rash resembling a cross on their faces and causes them to act out impulses of an evil nature.  Lapham is at home playing in the ultra-deprived violent world of Garth Ennis’ crossed-verse.  With each issue, it is almost a study in the depravity of people with the crossed plague.

Infinite Vacation #1 (Reprint)  Written by Nick Spencer, Art by Christian Ward, Published by Image Comics

This is a great chance to jump onboard this mind-bending story by Spencer and Ward.  Mark lives in a world where you can travel to different realities and see how your life could have played if you had made a different decision.  In this world, Mark searches for the perfect version of himself in that perfect life.  Unfortunately, someone else is looking for versions of Mark to kill off.

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