Comic Book Quickies 4/27/11

If you havent been to your comic shop yet here are three highlights of this week

‘68 Issue #1 2nd printing

Written by Mark Kidwell, Art by Nat Jones

Published by Image Comics

If you missed this the first go around, here is your chance to jump on this action packed horrific war tale.  Set in ’68, around the Tet Offensive, a group of American soldiers track Viet Cong through the jungles.  Each village they enter is empty and void of life in more ways than one until they are ambushed by zombies.  As the soldiers fight on, they soon learn that their own fallen comrades are rising from the grave.


Dracula: The Company of Monsters Issue #9
Written by Kurt Busiek & Daryl Gregory, Drawn by Damiian Coucerio

Published by Boom Studios

This issue is a brand new story arc for new readers to jump in on.  To say Evan is in between a rock and a hard place is an understatement, maybe even the understatement of the century.  It should be more like stuck between a rock, another rock, a hard place and a lava flow.  Evan enters into an uncomfortable alliance with Marta the vampire hunter all set against the backdrop of his Uncle Conrad’s waging war with Dracula.

The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde Issue #1

Written by Cole Hadden, Art by M.S. Corley

Published by Darkhorse

Inspector Thomas Adye of Scotland Yard is put in charge of the Jack the Ripper case.  Though leads are few and hard to chase down, there is one man whose name keeps popping up, Dr. Henry Jekyll.  The recently imprisoned Dr. Jekyll has connections to Jack the Ripper with possible ties to his mind splitting serum, creating the murderous Mr. Hyde from Dr. Jekyll’s id.

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