Cenobites and Vampires and Apes, OH MY!! Comic Book Quickies 5/25/11

Cenobites and Vampires and Apes, OH MY!!  Comic Book Quickies 5/25/11

Written by Shaun Daniels and Edited by Sharon Wong

Hellraiser issue #2  Written by Clive Barker & Christopher Monfette, Art by Leonardo Manco and Published by Boom! Studios  retail price $3.99

Issue #2 gets into the meat of the story when flesh hits the fan.  Kristy Cotton and a group of Pinhead survivors scour the earth looking for other devices like the puzzle box that will open different portals to Hell.  One device belongs to a young child from a small midwestern town appropriately named Avalon.  The group acquires the device but it comes at an ultimate price for the group, the child and the child’s family.  This book is the creepiest and most terrifying comic being published, and definitely not for the faint of heart.

American Vampire issue # 15  Written by Scott Snyder, Art & Cover by Rafael Albuquerque and Published by Vertigo/DC Comics  retail price $2.99

This issue sees the story arc “Ghost War” continue as the hidden vampire war of the Pacific rages on.  Henry wages a Saint Jude’s war against a new strain of vampires with the help of his team who must not only fight these vicious vampires, but fight for their very lives.  Pearl starts on a journey that will prove dangerous in nature as Skinner pulls a Crazy Ivan that is a gamble at best.




Planet of the Apes issue #2  Written by Daryl Gregory, Art by Carlos Magno and Published by Boom! Studios  retail price $3.99

With the Apes getting nowhere on the investigation into the assassination of the “Lawgiver” (see issue #1), Ape ruler Alaya sets loose Nix, better known as “The Butcher of the East” to search for the assassin.  Nix zeroes in on Skintown and uses his old tactics that garnered him his nickname.  Meanwhile, Sully works on her own investigation and finds that the weapon’s bullets are made of a metal that is only used by the members of the human church.  It’s only issue #2, so jump in on this series now cause its only going to get more and more tense as the species/race relations falls apart.

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