For part two of three of the Boston Comic Con creator spotlight is an interview with the super busy and super talented Christopher Golden.  To just list everything from comic books to novels to video games written by Golden would simply drain the battery of my laptop and that wouldn’t even include collaborations with others like Buffy’s Amber Benson.  From Buffy to Angel and Hellboy to X–Men, there is little ground that Golden has not covered in the world of writing.  His novels alone have been read around the world including the young adult series, Body of Evidence, and the urban fantasy series, The Shadow Saga.  It is even amazing the man has time to speak with me, let alone breathe.  What makes Golden such an interesting interviewee is that he actually spends time talking to every person who visits his table, making you feel as if you are the most important person to have stopped by no matter what the time of day.  In this interview, Christopher Golden talks about Baltimore or also known as the The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire (my favorite), his Shadow Saga series and future projects.

Please click the link below and depending on your browser settings it will  either download or pop up in a player.  For reaaders that are hearing imapired please contact shaun @horrorhaven for a written transcript of the interview.


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