Aztec Mummys, Messiahs and Witchblade…Must be Comic Book Quickies

Walking Dead Issue 2
Written by Robert Kirkman, Art by Charlie Adlard, Letters by Rus Wooton, Grey Scale & Cover Colors by Cliff Rathburn, Published by Image Comics.
Status quoes come and go in this titles like the character get bitten by walker.  This issue opens on a figure whom seems to be tracking the Rick and the crew.  This figure may or may not be a “Savior” but he will certainly open the eyes of Rick and his merry band of survivors.  Carl starts to rememeber more and more of the past, with somethings Rick wishes Carl wouldn’t remember.  The ending will give the readers and the survivors some hope provided it doesn’t end in a typical Walking Dead Fashion.

Dark Horse Presents issue 7
Mike Mignola, Neal Adams, Howard Chaykin, Andi Watson, Ricardo Delgado, Beau Smith, M. J. Butler, Art by Mike Mignola, Neal Adams, Howard Chaykin, Andi Watson, Ricardo Delgado, Eduardo Barreto, Mark Wheatley, Colorist Dave Stewart, Cover Artist Mike Mignola, Published by Dark Horse Comics.
Come for the Hellboy story but stay for all the other talented creators like Howard Chaykin, Neal Adams, Beau Smith to name a few.  The opening story in DHP 7 (Dark Horse Presents) is a Hellboy  adventure that sits firmly in between other Hellboy adventures.  Hellboy finds himself in of all places Mexico a place that never ends well for Hellboy nor for most college kids on spring break.  The title of this story is apply titled “Hellboy vs. The Aztec Mummy” and it delivers on all that the titles suggest.  The story much like many Hellboy stories isn’t just another slugfest  it adds a nice touch to the Aztec Pantheon of Gods.

Witchblade issue 150
Written by Ron Marz, Art by Stjepan Sejic.
Issue 150 marks the end of era for Witchblade and a fitting send off to Ron Marz who has been on the book for 70 consecutive issues.    Marz and Stjepan Sejic conclude their run with fitting retrospective of their time on the book.  The issue closes on a life changing decision that could change the world Sara Pezzini the bearer of the Witchblade.  Fear not Witchblade fans as Marz & Sejic depart the book Horror Haven favorite Tim Seeley (HACK/SLASH) and Diego Bernard (The Man With No Name) take the Witchblade  raines.

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