Astro Zombies Create Panic In Berlin

     Astro Zombies Create Panic In Berlin 

 brandenburg gate

When it comes to staging mass terror at some of the world’s most
recognizable landmarks, Martin Schmitt knows how to make it all
look very real – and definitely very scary.
Schmitt is the second unit director in London and Berlin for
TVM Global Entertainment’s upcoming blockbuster movie,
Astro Zombies M4: Invaders From Cyberspace. The film is
the fourth in the immensely popular Astro Zombies franchise,
first created back in 1968 by director Ted V. Mikels.
“Martin created absolute sheer panic at the Brandenburg Gate,”
said associate producer Richard Lester. “He assembled a huge
crowd of extras and had them flee on foot, on bicycles, mini-vehicles  
– all in total chaos. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few real tourists
got caught up in the crowd and started running alongside the actors
as well!”

gary at computer

“In the past, we had the Astro Zombies attacking various places in America,” said Mikels from his headquarters

in Las Vegas.


“Now for the first time, they have been spawned over the internet and are rampaging across the globe.”



“I know they definitely raised the concern
level of the German police on security
detail at the historic Reichstag Building in
Berlin,” said Lester. “I think the officers’
pulses started racing when Martin had
the Astro Zombies pull out machetes and
start chasing people down in front of the


Meanwhile, in the United States, assistant director
Gary Lester is quietly preparing to blow up an Astro
Zombie infestation on San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

 Gary and Ted LV

“When you’re working with Ted V. Mikels, there is no limit
on what the imagination can conjure up for the screen,”
said Lester.
“I have no doubt that this production will be the crown jewel
in Ted’s collection.”     
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Astro Zombies M4: Invaders
From Cyberspace, please
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