Apes & Vamps…It Must Be Comic Book Quickies!

Quickies by Shaun Daniels and Edited by Sharon Wong

Exile on the Planet of the Apes Issue 2 of 4
Written by Corinna Bechko & Gabriel Hardman, Art & Covers by Damian CouceiroMarc Laming and Published by Boom! Studios. Retail Price $3.99

Timon is at the mercy of the humans and his only hope lies in surviving the rugged land known as the Forbidden Zone.  Meanwhile, Prisca hunts down an Ape that may shed some light on those damn dirty humans and their recent string of attacks on Apekind.  There is absolutely no one else out there that knows Apes better than the creative team of Bechko, Hardman, Couceiro and Laming.  Therefore, if you are a fan of The Planet of the Apes or of the previous miniseries, you need to do yourself a favor by picking up this book.

Angel and Faith Issue 9
Written by Christos Gage, Art by Rebekah Isaacs, Colors by Dan Jackson, Covers by Steve Morris & Rebekah Isaacs and Published by Dark Horse Comics. Retail Price $2.99

When we last saw Faithie, she sent Daddy dearest packing, and then went running straight into arms of Drusilla and a Lorophage demon, whose talents include feeding on people emotions.  The broody one, aka Angel, quickly tracked her down and has it out with Drusilla.  Angel finds himself with his back against the wall and in desperate need of Faith to snap out of it and help kick some ass.  Will Angel make it in time to prevent Faith from making a very, very bad decision?  Angel & Faith is, hands down, the best Buffyverse book being published at Dark Horse.  Drusilla fans should note that a series will be spinning off of this book and will be written by the vamp herself, the talented actress who knows her best, Juliet Landau.

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