Action Double Feature issue #1 Digital Double Feature!!!

Action Double Feature issue #1

Pop! Pop! Pop! that Jiffy Pop because here comes the digital comic Action Double Feature.  Created by Tim Seeley, Mike Norton, Josh Emmons and Sean Dove of Four Star Studios as well as comic pros like Dennis Hopeless and B. Clay Moore to name a few.  This comic is like the first teaser trailer of a jam-packed summer action blockbuster that won’t make you wait two years before its sequel.

Forget the argument of digital vs. print media, and go to to download (or go to the app store to download their app) then read Action Double Feature issue #1.  As the title suggests, the first Action Double Feature centers around pure action.  Oh, and don’t let the oft-misused rating of “all ages” scare you away.  When the guys at Four Star Studios say “all ages” they truly mean ALL ages.  You could hand this story to an 8-year-old or to a 100-year-old and everyone would enjoy it.  Action Double Feature is a great and shining example of unbridled creative passion for comics and storytelling.  The gang at Four Star Studios, whether they will admit it or not, are innovators in the digital realm with their unique approach to storytelling and content.  The best part of Action Double Feature is its compatibilty to multiple platforms including iPhone, iPad and PC.  All releases (as of the publishing of this review) are just $.99 and with the exclusion of the iPhone, are bursting at the seams with extras.  Though the two stories are only sixteen pages total, you would never know it since each is jam-packed with so much action you will have to count the pages to be sure it wasn’t a full 28-pages.

First up is Jack Kraken  Written by Tim Seeley, Art by Ross Campbell, Colors by Carlos Badilla, and Letters by Crank!
Jack Kraken is a special agent of H.I.M., an agency protecting humans from non-human, humanoids like ghosts and vampires.  On this specific mission, Jack is trying to rescue a young girl held captive in an abandoned prison by a ghost and Bigfoot, yes… Bigfoot.  Armed to the teeth and wearing armor that allows his power of elasticity to be unhindered, Jack takes on the ghost and Bigfoot with help of his female handler, Charlie, who, via satellite, provides Jack with all his intel needs.  He, of course, saves the day by rescuing the young girl and some lost children but the story is far from over, hinting that Jack may have old enemies gunning for him.  Hearing that Jack Kraken was a character that Seeley created as kid may make some leery about this story but Seeley was able to mine some great nuggets of good storytelling.  The art is handled by Campbell and adds to the kickass action with each punch or kick thrown capturing the kinetic energy that sends Bigfoot’s teeth flying off the panel.  The end result is nothing short of action-packed fun that will have you looking forward to Action Double Feature issue #2.

Second up is The Answer  Written by Dennis Hopeless, Art by Mike Norton, Colors by Mark Englert, and Letters by Crank!
A young woman and her mother are on a cruise that the mother seems to be enjoying more than her daughter.  While buried in her book, the young lady happens upon a man whose face is hidden to the reader.  This faceless man is the Answer, a super spy dressed like a superhero and a 100% kicker of ass.  The Answer fights off wave after wave of an all-female assault squad, be it on land or sea.  Injured, the Answer has climbed aboard the cruise ship only to cross paths with the young woman which maybe for the better or worst for the two.  This second helping is just as action-packed as the first and captures another side of action than Jack Kraken.  From explosion to underwater fights, the Answer is truly an international man of mystery, better than 00 what’s his name is.  Hopeless is showing his writing chops, and knows when to let Norton take over with ‘pure action and no words’ panels and when to jump back in at the end to wrap it all up.  Although there isn’t a whole lot of dialogue throughout the story, Hopeless hits his marks by giving each character, in just eight pages, their own unique voices.  Not much to say about Norton’s art that won’t seem like gushing but it is clear that the man is having fun doing this book.  His action panels feel like well choreographed fight scenes that could easily have come from a spy movie.

So open up your wallet and digitally hand over the mere $.99 for Action Double Feature.  Then grab that popcorn and swedish fish to enjoy.  Next up is Horror Double Feature which we are sooooooooo looking forward to.

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