HBO announced that it is already planning a second season of the George R. R. Martin epic fantasy tale Game of Thrones, part of the ongoing A Song of Ice and Fire series.  News came down last Monday on April 18th that a second season was being ordered after reviews and talk set Twitter ablaze.

The series follows the violent power struggle of several noble families for the Iron Throne Westeros.  Game of Thrones has been critically praised for its faithful adaption of the long running book series.  HBO is touting the show as a late entry into the Emmys with it sizzling first episode.  Rumors are already afoot that Game of Thrones could be the dark horse at the television award show.  The series premiered at 4.2 millions of households in the US and just under 1 million households in the UK.  The US numbers didn’t beat HBO’s award-winning Boardwalk Empire (which hit with much bigger numbers) but it it did edge out for viewership in the UK as reported by  The second episode aired on Sunday with an encore of the first episode playing right before.

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