A One, Two, Three Creepy Punch

Review by Shaun Daniels and Edited by Sharon Wong

Creepy Issue 8

Written by Jeff Parker, Doug Moench, Rick Geary, Dan Braun & Bruce Jones, Art by Colleen Coover, Kelley Jones, Rick Geary, Kyle Baker & Bernie Wrightson, Letters by Colleen Coover, Nate Piekos of Blambot & Rick Geary, Cover by Richard Corben and Published by Dark Horse Comics. Retail Price $4.99

Creepy returns with five tales that will make your skin crawl with each and every turn of the page.  The book starts off with a story featuring art by Colleen Coover (Rose’s Heart of Horror Double Feature 3 – released March 2012) and written by Jeff Parker.  This story and the next two tales make up the trifecta of the best horror of this book.  Though the remaining two were up to the Creepy namesake, the first three just killed it.  Creepy issue 8 will have you rethinking brothels, mausoleums and the writing of one Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

Batting lead-off for the issue is Jeff Parker and Colleen Coover’s sinfully redeeming tale titled, “Nineteen.”  Mild mannered Gary finds himself running into the arms of a woman of the night at a local brothel after an “accident.”  No surprise as Man has always sought out women of the world’s oldest profession for a variety of reasons.  This particular woman is more than what she appears to be; she is a healer of sorts.  Of course in true Creepy fashion, this healing comes at a cost.

Second up is part one of “The Lurking Fate That Came To Lovecraft” by Doug Moench and Kelley Jones.  It is unlikely that there has ever been a story that captures the look and feel of a Lovecraft story like this one.  Moench and Jones create a frightful tale that, like most Lovecraft stories, puts the reader into the mind of a man (in this case, Lovecraft himself) haunted by deeply horrific images.  Everything from the prose heavy inner monologue to the grotesque monsters are perfectly executed.  This tale explores Lovecraft’s stories and the possibility that the writer’s works may not have been works of fiction after all.

Last but not least in the trifecta is a chilling love story written, drawn and lettered by Rick Geary.  “The Mausoleum” follows Robert, a man who finds peace and comfort in going to the mausoleum that his family is entombed.  It is torn down in favor of a larger, more modern one…the Walmart of mausoleums, if you will.  At the new mausoleum, Robert finds love with an employee.  After a year of marriage, he awakens to find the love of his life dead but not just recently deceased dead.  His wife looks as though she’s been dead for over a decade.  Robert soon learns the true nature of his wife and the story ends with heartbreak.

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