5 in Five with Kurtis Wiebe

I was lucky enough to have the ever so busy Kurtis Wiebe about Intrepids. Somehow, the man squeezed in time to write Green Wake, a horror mystery series (Image Comics), and a hard-edged crime graphic novel, Snow Angel (Arcana Studios). This former freelance game copywriter is hitting his strides with comic books and is definitely someone to watch over the months and years to follow.

Shaun Daniels: What is the elevator pitch of Intrepids?

 Kurtis Wiebe: Intrepids is a high-octane, zany action series with heart. Its James Bond meets Scooby-Doo in the weirdest possible way.

 SD: You’ve stated that Intrepids was a very personal project. Was it a cathartic experience?

KW: It was a real source of light when I was going through a pretty hard time in my life. Intrepids was the perfect escape really; my struggle was a great inspiration but writing is such a fun and silly story, it really helped keep me focused on the good things in life. A lot of the personal stress I endured made its way into the script through questions I had about family and friends. How do we equate family and why is it we choose the friends we do?

 SD: Do the characters of the Intrepids represent parts of your life or personality?

 KW: I think so. I always find it more interesting to look back at projects I’ve worked on in a reflective, retrospective way. You have all kinds of insight into who you were at the time and you can see those connections a lot more clearly. I can definitely see aspects of myself in Chester and Crystal, though I’m not sure admitting that will do me any favours, haha! If they aren’t tied directly to me, then at the very least they are drawn from people that are important to me.

SD: What is in store for the Intrepids post miniseries?

 KW: I have so many stories to tell with the Intrepids. I could very easily extend the series to two more full six issue arcs, but it comes down to Scott’s schedule. I can work on several series at once, but Scott’s beautiful style takes time and with the demand he’ll be in after this series, we’ll see if it ever happens. I may just lure him with candy. You’d be surprised how often that works with illustrators.

 SD: Is the best part of your day creating crazy inventions of mad scientist?

KW: It’s definitely a highlight. The Intrepids is such a joy because I can sit down and brainstorm the most ridiculous concepts and they will, generally, fit into the story. On top of that, a huge plus is that I’m always 100% confident that Scott will make what I’ve thought up even better with his conceptualization. It’s a fantastic experience, this crazy little Intrepids series, and I’m grateful for the fan and critical support we’ve managed. Looking back one year ago, I never would’ve expected this.

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