4.22-4.24.2011: What To Watch – Weekend TV Edition

For the Easter weekend…


Fringe Episode 20: 6:02 am est (Friday April 22nd 9/8c Fox)                                                                                                                

  The final three episodes kick into high gear when Walternate decides to unleash mayhem on this world.  The Fringe division crew are lured out to the device and it could spell the end for the two worlds.


Supernatural Episode 18: Frontierland (Friday April 22nd 9/8c CW Network)
Sam and Dean stumble onto Samuel Colts’s journal while searching for a means to destroy Eve.  Could this be the answer the Winchester brothers have been looking for…to go back in time and ask the man himself, Samuel Colt.



Doctor Who Episode 1: The Impossible Astronaut (Saturday April 23rd 9/8c BBC America)

The premiere episode of season six of Doctor Who continues with the adventures of Matt Smith, the eleventh Doctor.  The Doctor and Amy Pond find themselves back in the late 1960’s and with no free love in this episode, the Doctor will have to travel from the deserts of Utah to the Oval Office.


Other shows and movies:

Final Destination 2 (Saturday April 23nd 7p Syfy)
Land of the Dead (Saturday April 23nd 12a, 7:25p & Sunday April 24th 11:10a Cinemax)
Roadkill (Saturday April 23nd 9/8c & Sunday April 24th 1a/12p Syfy) *premiere
Sanctuary (Friday April 22nd 10/9c Syfy)
Smallville (Friday April 22nd 8/7c CW Network)
Splice (Friday April 22nd 10p & Saturday April 23rd 5:35p, 11:35p Cinemax)
The Hitcher (Saturday April 23rd 11p Syfy)

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