Katniss and the tributes of The Hunger Games hunted and found Easter eggs filled with candies, chocolates and millions of dollars in ticket sales over the holiday weekend.  The thrice in a row weekend box office winner was followed by the premieres of American Reunion and Titanic 3D.  The fourth film in the American Pie series, Reunion, debuted at #2 with $21.514 million which was fourth and last place in the franchise (American Pie opened with $18.709 million but that was in 1999). Titanic, the second-highest worldwide grossing film, received the 3D treatment in time for the 100-year anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic.  The former #1 for a consecutive 13 weekends entered the weekend at #3 with its 3D version, earning $17.285 million.  Wrath of the Titans and Mirror Mirror coupled again to round out the top five.

The Hunger Games continued to reign over the box office all while climbing chart after chart with its $302.45 million lifetime domestic and $459.55 million worldwide grosses.  Co-writer and director Gary Ross’s #1 movie earned $33.111 million through a 43.4% drop from the previous weekend at 4,137 theaters in its third weekend.  The sci-fi survival film is now close to sextupling its $78 million production budget.

Action-fantasy Wrath of the Titans and comedy-fantasy Mirror Mirror stuck together as the second-weekend veterans fell one spot each to #4 and #5, respectively.  Earning just $14.732 million domestic, the bulk, specifically 72.1%, of Wrath‘s worldwide gross of $210.214 million is due to international audiences.  Mirror Mirror gained 15 theaters for a total of 3,618 theaters and grossed $11.095 million against its $85 million budget.

Slipping into the weekend box office abyss was John Carter.  The Disney disappointment landed at #9 with only $830,305, bested by indie #8 Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.  The sci-fi adventure lost a high 1,382 theaters and has now grossed $263.583 million worldwide.

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