For the residents of Massachusetts, it’s Marathon Monday.  For the residents of Panem, it was a race for survival and the finish line.  The Hunger Games won the weekend box office, edging out new movies on the block, The Three Stooges and The Cabin in the Woods.  The trio of Larry, Curly and Moe poked eyes and raked in $17.01 million at 3,477 theaters in the US and Canada for the #2 The Three Stooges from the Farrelly brothers.  Titanic 3D sunk one spot but stayed afloat at #4 with $11.93 million, adding to its $2.045 billion worldwide gross, which is ranked at #2 of all time.  Stifler and the Pie-schoolers in #5 American Reunion gained 11 theaters and grossed $10.473 million for the fourth film of the franchise.

Three-peating with Peeta was not enough for #1 The Hunger Games and so the sc-fi/action went four for four.  The most successful movie of 2012, thus far, grossed $21.096 million over the weekend even with a lost of 221 theaters at 3,916 theaters, which is still 439 more than for The Three Stooges.  The current numbers of $336.666 million domestic and $194 million foreign continue to climb so don’t be surprised to see The Hunger Games at the top of the box office again next weekend.

Cabin fever brought out audiences for the long-awaited #3 The Cabin in the Woods from writer Joss Whedon and writer/director Drew Goddard.  The 2012 SXSW screened and lauded movie earned $14.743 million with just 11 over 2,800 theaters for the $30 million production-budgeted horror.  In a very, very limited international release in the Czech Republic and Germany, Cabin scared up $3.584 million.

#6 Wrath of the Titans and #7 Mirror Mirror were neck and neck in the sixes; the fraternal fantasy twins grossed $6.906 million and $6.847 million domestically, respectively.  Sci-fi in space #9 Lockout was nearly locked out of the box office’s top ten as the third feature of the weekend, starring Guy Pearce (2011’s Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark) and Maggie Grace (TV’s Lost), started its run at just $6.231 million.

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