03.02-04.2012: Weekend Box Office – The $

Disney and Danny DeVito’s The Lorax planted the seed of the Truffala Tree, and saved the Lorax’s world and weekend box office.  Chris Renaud and Kyle Balda of Despicable Me co-directed the 3D-CG movie, the clear #1 of the weekend with a competition-crushing $70.217 million.  The $70 million Dr. Seuss animated movie, which was voiced by DeVito, Ed Helms, Zac Efron, Taylor Swift and Betty White, debuted with the best 2012 opening to date (The Vow is #2 with a distant $41.202 million).

Project X, the #2 and second major premiere at the box office, was The Hangover for the teenage set from producer and director of The Hangover, Todd Phillips.  The $21.051 million-grossing comedy is much like February’s Chronicle; both $12 million-production budgeted “found footage” movies follow three male teenagers.  Project X and Chronicle also opened with similar numbers (Chronicle opened at $22.004 million).

The military movie Act of Valor was on a mission, moving down two spots to #3 with $13.572 million after a #1 opening last weekend.  Safe House rolled three 4s as the former #4 stayed at #4 in its fourth weekend, grossing $7.39 million.  Rounding out the top five of the top ten was the Tyler Perry-written, produced, directed and starred Madea-less #5 Good Deeds, which grossed $7.047 million in its second weekend.

Following the same number trend, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance bet on lucky number three.  The Nicholas Cage sequel premiered three weeks ago at #3 and then dropped three spots to #6.  This week, the comic based film fell three again to #9 to gross $4.545 million.  The totals to date are: $44.826 million domestic, $44.1 million foreign and $88.926 million worldwide for the $57 million movie.

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