02.03-05.2012: What To Watch – Weekend Theater and TV Edition

The weekend of Super Bowl Sunday starts off with Frightening Friday as Harry Potter, aka Daniel Radcliffe, returns to the big screen.  The small screen is no chopped liver…our DVRs will be working overtime.


The Woman in Black (PG-13 / 94 mins / In 2D) Starring Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter series), Ciarán Hinds (2012’s Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance), Janet McTeer (Albert Nobbs) and Liz White (Wild Bill).  Written by Jane Goldman (Kick-Ass).  Directed by James Watkins (Eden Lake).

The horror-thriller film, The Woman in Black, is horror-thriller novel, The Woman in Black.  The movie, based on writer Susan Hill’s 1983 book of the same name, is not the first adaptation.  It was also written into a 1987 stage play and a 1989 TV movie.  The Woman in Black play is not only celebrating 24+ years on the stage but its standing as the second longest running play in London’s West End.

Synopsis:  Arthur Kipps (Radcliffe), a widowed lawyer whose grief has put his career in jeopardy, is sent to a remote village to sort out the affairs of a recently deceased eccentric.  But upon his arrival, it soon becomes clear that everyone in the town is keeping a deadly secret.  Although the townspeople try to keep Kipps from learning their tragic history, he soon discovers that the house belonging to his client is haunted by the ghost of a woman who is determined to find someone and something she lost… and no one, not even the children, are safe from her vengeance.  courtesy of CBS Films

Website:  http://www.womaninblack.com/#/trailer

facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/TheWomanInBlackMovie

Twitter:  @WomanNBlack

YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/cbsfilms



Fringe (S4.E11 – “Making Angels”) at 9/8c on FOX – Our Astrid (Jasika Nicole) gets an unexpected visit from her Alternate.  While Peter (Joshua Jackson) and Olivia (Anna Torv) track a killer using a toxin that has yet to be invented.  Both universes collide in a case that pushes the boundaries of what is possible.

Grimm (S1.E10 – “Organ Grinder”) at 9/8c on NBC – While Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) investigate the murder of a teenager, the stakes are raised when two vagrant teens go missing.

Supernatural (S7.E13 – “The Slice Girls”) at 9/8c on The CW – Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate a case where the victims’ hands and feet have been severed and each have been branded with a strange symbol.  While Sam does some research at a local university, Dean heads to one of his favorite places to investigate – the town bar.  Dean strikes up a conversation with a local named Lydia (guest star Sara Canning [The Vampire Diaries]), and the two go back to her place.  Sam discovers the symbol on the bodies is a sign of Amazon warriors.

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