Then Is Now Podcast Episode 4- Forbidden Planet (1956) – Re-Post

In the final episode of our reposts (since much of the previous website,, had been lost, we have been re-posting the first few episodes of Then Is Now), Hosts Re-Gor and Spency Domepiece discuss the classic 1956 sci-fi film, Forbidden Planet (if you hurry, you can get a keen Robby the Robot at Walmart right now!!!).

The picture is dissected in depth and most of you Monster Kids out there should be making sure that the younger generation gets to see this film! It holds up well, and is not only inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest, but also acted as the inspiration for Star Trek!!

Watch the movie, listen to our podcast, and then give us your feedback! You can email us at, or leave a voicemail that we can play on the air at 978-432-9079.


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