Comixology Bringing Comics into the HD World

Comixology, the number 1 comics-reading App for the web, iOS, and Android, plans on unveiling their new version of the App, employing the enhancements of the iPad 3.  The new version of the app will fully utilize the retina display on the new iPad.  Boasting high res graphics, the new Comixology will make comics look absolutely amazing.  From enhancing small print dialogue, to making the tiniest line of detail crisp when zooming in, reading comics digitally will be forever changed.  Fret not if you don’t plan on buying a new iPad; all early indications are that comics will look stunning on current iPads, but readers will not get the full effect.   All new comics downloaded through Comixology will be in a CMX-HD format with the back catalogue slowly getting the high-res update.  The one drawback to the new HD format is the size of the files.  Anytime a file, whether it is video or static images, is in an HD format, the file size increases.  With space always at a premium, it is unclear how large the new files will be.  Currently Comixology has the new app out for approval from Apple and will be released soon.

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