Comic Review: Walking Dead Issue# 83

The Walking Dead Issue #83

Better Late than never!!!!

Wow!!!! That is the first thing that comes to mind after reading issue 83 of The Walking Dead.  Month after month, Robert Kirkman manages to break our hearts yet we keep coming back for more and more.  If issue 82 was the shit-hits-the-fan issue then issue 83 is the someone-backed-a- dump-truck-full-of-shit-and-dumped-it-on-the-fan issue.

Issue 83 continues the “No Way Out” story arc.  In the last issue, Rick decided that splitting up into a smaller group was the best way to survive.  Meanwhile, Michonne opens up to Morgan but unfortunately, it comes a bit too late as she puts him out of his misery before he turns.  Maggie makes the hard choice to stay behind with Sophia leaving Rick, Michonne, Carl, Jessie and Ron to cover themselves in roamer blood and make an escape.  The blood-soaked group shuffles off.  During Rick’s exodus, the rest of The Walking Dead cast sits locked away trying to cope with the new situation.  Now at this point, the warning bells should be going off in your head since this is The Walking Dead, and they are covered in blood and surrounded by roamers.  This is not a false alarm as the plan goes wrong, horribly wrong.  Kirkman holds nothing back and no one is spared in this book.  At first, Ron gets swallowed by the roamers after he freaks out with Jessie not far behind.  Something happens that will break your heart…actually, it will tear your heart out and then stomp on it.  The worst part is the fate of many in this book is unclear leaving us readers to wait till next month to find out what happens.

In terms of the writing, this is Kirkman at his best. He is constantly keeping readers on their toes.  Throughout Rick’s little excursion, Kirkman intercuts moments from the rest of the cast that plays well against Rick’s desire to survive at all cost.  Also, it seems that some of the characters have accepted their fates.

Charlie Adlard continues to capture the emotion and terror in the faces of the characters of the book.  He manages to draw several gruesome moments in a manner not so much as to gross out the reader, but to terrorize instead.

To sum it all up, this is just a typical issue of the Walking Dead; a typical issue consisting of death, zombies and “oh shit!” moments.  Do Not Pass Up This Issue (as if you can).

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