Comic Book Quickies: March 23 2011

Comic Book Quickies

Flesh Part 3 in Prog 1726. The story hits into high gear and the body count is rising. In this installment of Flesh, the cowboys decide to skip the cattle drive and go on a hunt. The villainous T-Rex from the previous issue [correct?] knows dubbed Gorehead is priority number one. TT Corp. wants Gorehead to be terminated to halt any further bad press in the future. Written by Pat Mills and Art by James McKay

The Mission Issue #2. Paul botched the first mission and heaven is pissed. Three innocent people are left dead and Conrad, the man Paul was supposed to kill, is on the run. To make things worse, Conrad is on the run with his daughter and his mental state is deteriorating. Paul must do what he could not do before and save Conrad’s daughter’s life. Written by Jon and Erich Hoeber, Art by Werther Dell’edera.




Do Andriods Dream Of Electric Sheep? Issue #21 As this series winds down, there’s a twist that will turn the series on its ear. Rick Deckland finds himself making a decision that will change his life and will bring to light truths about Mercerism that they don’t want the world to know. Written by Philip K. Dick, Drawn by Tony Parker





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