Clash of the American Gods

With Game of Thrones ( set to premiere this Sunday 4/17 at 9p (eastern), HBO has announced plans to adapt Neil Gaiman’s masterpiece, American Gods, into a series.  This comes as a bit of surprise since rumors have been swirling around for years for an adaptation of Gaiman’s classic comic series, Sandman.

For the few people who have not read American Gods, the book follows a man fresh out of from prison who is caught between two sets of warring gods, that of the old and that of the 20th century.  The series takes an intensive and an almost existential look at gods and how they play a role in modern society.  A prime example of the gods’ role is the creation of modern gods with the likes of the Internet and fast food to name a few.

Currently, the only names attached to the series are Gaiman himself and cinematographer-turned-writer, Robert Richardson (Inglorious Bastards, The Aviator), who will be penning the scripts.  Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman are planning to produce with Playtone, the same people who brought us Band of Brothers and The Pacific.

With no cast and date set as of yet, speculations can start to fly as to which actors will attach themselves to these American Gods.

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