The Reunion of All Reunions

Review by Shaun Daniels and Edited by Sharon Wong

Angel and Faith Issue 11

Written by Christos Gage, Art by Rebekah Isaacs, Colors by Dan Jackson, Letters by Richard Starkings and Jimmy Betancourt, Covers by Steve Morris and Rebekah Isaacs, Executive Producer Joss “My Master” Whedon and Published by Dark Horse Comics. Retail Price $2.99

When publisher IDW announced an Angel comic book a few years back, there was much rejoicing followed by bittersweetness.  On the one hand, a series in the vein of Buffy at Dark Horse Comics would be brilliant while on the other hand, it would be within the Buffy universe but with little to no crossover.  The two television series were like this with the rare crossover episode but this is the comics.  Flashforward to the present and both Buffy and Angel are at Dark Horse and the crossovers have commenced.  First, we have the original adorkable one, the mistress of Wiccan arts in Willow who is kicking off a new and possible world-altering story arc.

Continuing with the family-themed title and story arc, ‘Family Reunion Part 1’ is a reunion of more than just blood, it’s family of the extended variety.  Without any spoilers, Angel, Faith and Willow journey to the colonies, specifically sunny California, to meet an old ally of the gang from the Hyperion Hotel days.  Now why pray tell did Angel and crew travel all the way to the US of A?  Magic.  It seems Willow has devised a plan to bring magic back to the Buffyverse and it involves that old ally, who Angel has been keeping a close eye on.  This ally spent time abroad and by abroad, it’s another dimension with said dimension containing magic vital to Willow’s plan.

With such command of the characters, Gage is able to capture the voices of Angel, Faith, Willow and others perfectly.  The interaction between Angel and the ally is so spot on even if you have only watched the TV series.  Gage plays with the interesting dynamic of a to-remain-nameless character, who had be taken off the proverbial chessboard away from monsters and demons.  This character must be placed back into danger to help Willow and this layered dynamic would give even Freud a run for his money.  As for Willow’s reasons for restoring magic, an urgent sense beyond just a return of power is created.  Magic is what fuels hope, creativity and passion in the Buffyverse.  Most writers wouldn’t try to explain the reasons but Gage has an eye for detail few writers have.  Artwise, we can’t stop saying how much we love Isaacs’ artwork on Angel & Faith.  She bestows a thread of similarity to the actor who has portrayed the character all while showing her own art style.  Isaacs also has a good eye for fashion by keeping the characters looking modern for jolly olde England.

Christos Gage and Rebekah Isaacs are the two reasons why Angel & Faith is the best Buffy book being published, nuff said.

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