The Walking Dead issue #87  Written by Robert Kirkman, Art by Charlie Adlard and Published by Image Comics. Retail Price $2.99.

Review by Shaun Daniels and Edited by Sharon Wong

Dear Mr. Kirkman and Mr. Adlard,

Stop writing The Walking Dead!  I’m not sure my emotional well-being can handle this shambling, zombie-infested rollercoaster you call The Walking Dead, anymore.  Enclosed is my therapy bill for the last seven years…I’d appreciate the reimbursement sooner rather than later.

Best Wishes,

Shaun Daniels

This issue starts simply enough with the survivors rebuilding the town and trying to plant their roots for the first time since the prison.  The last issue was a bit lackluster in nature, although it did serve a purpose as the proverbial ‘catching your breath’ moment.  What this issue does that the last issue did not was set up a lot of plot that will undoubtedly play out in future issues.  And in true Walking Dead fashion, the last panel will hit you like a punch in the gut!!!

With the events of the last couple of issues behind them, Rick and the crew try to salvage a normal life.  Carl still lies in a coma, recovering from a head injury, all while life goes on outside.  Within the first few pages, a lot of tension is set up for the upcoming stories.  First, we see the relationship, or the former relationship, between Rosilita and Abraham crumble while things between Abraham and his new squeeze Holly heat up.  As the survivors try to rebuild the walls and dig trenches to slow down the roamers, we see dissension in the ranks of the townspeople and one person’s dislike for Rick.  Speaking of Rick, he finds himself talking “on the phone” to his dead wife which is really just an extension of his conscious.  Rick gets in a fight with his wife/conscious, bringing a whole new meaning to hating oneself.  To pile it on, the town is running out of food and with the work going full on, there is an even greater need for more food and soon!  Lastly, we won’t spoil too much, but Carl wakes up from his coma.  Good news, right?  Well, his one line at the very end will punch you right in the gut.

Writing side, Kirkman is sowing a masterpiece by weaving plot threads in and out in this issue, getting you set for stories to come.  It’s hard to put in as much plot as he did without making it feel too forced.

Adlard again looks like he is having fun with this issue between the action and the expressive moments.  Two great standouts are the simple dinner scene in which Adlard draws so well you almost forget there are millions of rotting corpses waiting to rip the flesh off the townspeople.  The second is the panel composition of a close up of Holly grabbing Abrahams’s hand to pull him out of the cold is a great choice and captures the emotion of a budding relationship.

Send Kirkman and Adlard your therapy bill and keep reading The Walking Dead.

With the first day of the Con (San Diego Comic Con, for those not in the know) in full swing, it is our duty to report the very welcome treat of director/producer/writer Frank Darabont and artist Tim Bradstreet.  The two will be promoting the second season of AMC’s The Walking Dead with a signing of Bradstreet’s poster (above) on Friday, July 22nd at The Walking Dead booth (#3721).  Also on the Friday roster is a TWD panel at 11:15am – 12:15pm in Ballroom 20.

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