Walking Dead, ‘No Way Out, Part 3’ continues the heart-wrenching and much loved series.  This issue basically takes the reader from an “Oh Crap!” moment to an “Oh Shit!” moment in a heartbeat.  Like many issues before, someone gets bit, the situation gets out of control, and it ends with a line by Rick that has our jaw hitting the floor.

The shit has hit the fan again, for the ragtag bunch from the Walking Dead.  A continuation from last issue: the wall has been breached and Rick, Morgan and Michonne find themselves in a sea of Roamers thirsty for their flesh.  Morgan is bit and Michonne deals with it in the typical Walking Dead fashion.  Abraham comes to the rescue and everyone retreats to their houses.  Maybe it is the comfort that the wall had provided, but Rick and the others seem a bit too relaxed…considering the street outside the house is littered with Roamers.  Morgan is patched up and Carl keeps watch on him, during which they have a heart to heart talk.  Part of the conversation between Carl and Morgan starts off with Morgan giving advice to Carl, but quickly becomes Morgan exercising his inner demons and guilt over his son, whom he couldn’t bring himself to kill after he turned.  Morgan’s fate is left to be served in the next issue, but it doesn’t look good for him.  At the end of the issue Rick drops a line that will have the readers mouths hit the floor and again leaving us looking forward to the next issue.

The writing and art again is superb – both conveying the pulse pounding moments and capturing the emotions of the various characters.  Kirkman, again, is at the top of his game making the readers care about these characters issue after issue.  Charlie Adlard renders each zombie so well, keeping their rotting corpses fresh and never looking similar to the last Roamer.

In this issue, nothing new happens.  As a matter of fact it’s the same old same old, but only Kirkman and Adlard can keep the readers come back to the series month after month.  To read Walking Dead you really have to be a Sadist who loves to emotionally torture yourself, and wanting more…