On this episode I’m joined once again by George and Gene to discuss their awesome Drive-In Super Monster Rama event
On this episode, Chris and Re-Gor talk to director Travis Greene and writer Jonathan Buchanan about their new horror film,
We’re back for more! On episode 21 of The East Meets the West, we’ve got an awesome couple of films
On this episode of The Cult Movie Lounge, Re-Gor and Robert Monell delve into the cannibal films of Jess Franco.
We are finally releasing some of our shows previously only available on Patreon. In this first Filmmakers Special, we talk
Eric Eichelberger returns to give us a follow-up on the 2023 Shock-A-Go-Go Film Festival that was held on June 22nd
Actor Hunter Redfern of the film Wendigo joins hosts Bill Van Ryn and Re-Gor to discuss Italian director Ruggero Deodato's
Re-Gor and Bill Van Ryn are joined by Spency and newcomer, My-Kill, to discuss the Halloween, Friday the 13th, and
This is a revised, fixed version of Episode 4. Videos don't seem to play well on the live stream, so
Welcome to the 3rd episode of Fright Lounge!! We had some technical issues and it was really user error because