Comic Book Quickies

Here are a couple quick run down of three comics you should pick up

28 Days Later Issue #21 Written by Michael Alan Nelson , Drawn by Pablo Peppino.

Clint and Selena finally make it to London and life is back to normal, well sort of.  There’s pizza, cigarettes, hot showers and snipers?  Life is going on as close to normal as possible but it’s under military “protection”.  Clint and Selena get comfortable but only for a short time because Selena is in London for a reason.  This is a great jumping on point and the start of a new story arc.



Hack/Slash Ongoing  Issue #2 Written by Tim Seeley and art by Daniel Leister

Cassie and Vlad find themselves at the mercy of the Slasher the Acid Queen while Cat searches for Samhain the man who put her into a thirteen year coma.  The two stories start to intersect as the Black Lamp Society plays a hand in the return of the Acid Queen and has a connection to Cat and Samhain .  Dispatching with the Acid Queen Cassie and Vlad learn there is another familiar Slasher on the prowl.




Hack/Slash vs.  Bomb Queen  Written and drawn by Jimmie Robinson

Cassie and Vlad find themselves crossing over to city of New Port City the realm of the Villainous Bomb Queen.  This is a recipe for a knock down drag out fight and that is just what it is.  This one shot is a full of asskickery and lots barley covered breasts.  This a must buy for any fan of either properties and is a must buy for anyone who loves asskickery.