Boston Horror Memories

Greetings, all!

Welcome to the Boston Horror Memories Portal!

Here, you will find a loving tribute to those great Horror TV shows of the past. Back in the day, we could only get a handful of local TV Stations that were received on our televisions via antenna! Before Cable and Movie Channels, the local channels and the local Network Affiliates would broadcast Horror Movies – sometimes with a Horror TV Host, and sometimes without.

This section of Horror Haven is dedicated to those great shows that aired in New England, with particular emphasis on programming from the 1960’s and 70’s. Below is the access portal to Horror Haven’s detailed history of Creature Double Feature as well as info on other programs. We’ve also got links to some GREAT related sites!

Feel free to contact us with ANY info you have on local Horror & Sci-Fi programs from those decades, and we’ll be happy to post any pictures, videos or simply memories of those great days when TV was actually worth watching!