I had the pleasure of both reviewing Daniel Crosier’s latest offering, Distortion Unlimited Issue 2, as well as interviewing him for the 5 in Five, five questions in five minutes.  First, a little about this Renaissance man.

Daniel Crosier is the writer, penciler and colorist for Distortion Unlimited published by Bluewater.  Growing up in the sleepy farm town of Kersey, Colorado, Daniel was always writing or drawing, constantly filling up journals with stories and sketchbooks with illustrations.  He attended art school and went from studying illustration to sculpting where he learned to incorporate different materials into compositions.  Daniel moved from conceptual to performance art then found himself in comics.  He occasionally created cover art which lead to work with Bluewater on Vincent Price with Stan Yan.  Later this year, Pig and Cow will hit the shelves, created and illustrated by David Britton and so will Show Devils, illustrated by Karl Krumpholz and published by Creator’s Edge Press.  The latter is based on the performers Enigma and Serana Rose.  Currently, Daniel is working on a feature film and with his  samurai-demon group performing samurai battles against Oni (odamfeimud.com).

5 in Five

Shaun:  What is the elevator pitch of the book?

Daniel:  Interesting.  Elevator pitch?  Well, I guess we can rule out Kenny G.


Shaun:  Brief explanation of the use of wood and the burning technique.

Daniel:  The illustration approach is much more traditional to comics except

that it is done on wood versus paper.  I drew out the pages in graphite and inker Peter Palmiotti had the difficult task of inking on the birch ply…which bleeds.  But I think it really gives it more of that handmade feel.


Shaun:  The coloring is unique in this book.  Where did that come from?

Daniel:  I just watered down acrylic paint and used it as stain.  I wanted to

suggest color as well as mood, but keep the wood grain pretty obvious.


Shaun:  How important is it for the art to convey the mood of a horror book?

Daniel:  VERY.


Shaun:  Boxer, briefs or fig leaf?

Daniel:  INDIAN.