5 in Five Interview: Mike Norton

Mike Norton is one if not the busiest artist in comics.  He’s been working in comics for over 10 years and has worked for Marvel, DC, DDP and IDW to name a few.  He’s worked with some of the top writers in the industry as well, Gail Simone, Greg Rucka and Mike Baron.  I recently got to talk to the Mike Norton about one of his most recent projects Battle Pug.  Mike just recently finished up as a DC exclusive, and now has projects coming up from Marvel as well as still doing work for DC.  You can also listen to Mike Norton on his weekly Podcast the CrankCast with friend Crank, Scribbly Scrabbly.   You can check out his blog at www.ihatemike.com, read Battlepug every Monday www.Battlepug.com , his podcast at www.crankcast.net and he has some of his art for sale at www.cadencecomicart.com

Shaun:  A quick pitch of Battle Pug?

Mike Norton:  Battle pug is a comedic sword and sorcery epic. It’s my excuse to draw all the stuff I’ve never been able to draw before. And pugs.

Shaun:  Where did releasing the story one page at a time come from?

Mike Norton:  Just the nature of web comics. I’d like to do more than one a week but at this current point in my schedule it’s the only way I can make it work 🙂
Shaun:  Do you approach the computer screen as your canvas or has your approach to art stayed the same with this project?

Mike Norton:  I definitely designed the art to best display on a computer monitor. However, the actual creation of the artwork is approached the same as I do any other comic.
Shaun:  How has your approach to pacing changed with releasing the comic one page at a time?

Mike Norton:  It’s tricky because it’s a long, continuous story. I try to make sure that each page makes you want to see what the next page will be. When you release one page a week, that’s important.

Shaun:  Who wins in a fight, Battle Pug or an Alley bear hopped up on trunk wine?

Mike Norton:  I don’t want to give any future plot points away, but I’d probably go with the alley bear 🙂



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