Outcast – Episode 3

The saga of the refugees of the nuclear ravenged Earth continues with Episode 3 on BBC America. Stella has Tipper Malone decipher the notes of the late Professor Rosen,given to her by Berger, that may shed some light on the whiteouts (sand storms) and allow the settlers to predict them and protect them. From this info, Tipper is able to predict the next whiteout, which is a massive storm causing everyone to rush into Fort Haven. Fleur returns after handing Rudi the baby. Two refugees are stuck in the whiteout which forces Cass to brave the elements and try to rescue them. But can he save them both?


Falling Skies – Episode 4

Tom and his team gear up for their next mission in the war for Earth. With last week’s news of other resistance units spread out across the country, a new sense of hope has sprung up amongst the 3rd Massachusetts. The big news in this episode is that someone is joining Tom and his crew and it could prove to be a volatile situation. Finally, a big discovery is made by Harris and Anne that could prove to be huge…

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