Walking Dead: No Way Out, Part Five  Issue #84
Written by Robert Kirkman and Art & Covers by Charlie Adlard

No Way Out, Part 5 is the light-at-the-tunnel issue with Rick seeing the light.  Carl is at Death’s doorstep and Rick’s beliefs are rocked to its very core leaving him a changed man.  Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard dish out another emotional rollercoaster ride of an issue that keeps readers coming back for more.

From Issue #83, Rick rushed Carl to the doctor’s after being left with a gunshot wound to the side of his head.  What happens next will most certainly shake Rick down to his very core as the town rallies to help Rick even when he is ready to bail on his newfound home and a decision ends up costing the lives of two people.  At first, Michone is the one person who comes to Rick’s aid but all of that soon changes.  Instead of cowering and waiting for death, both literally and figuratively, the townspeople emerge from their homes to help every last person living in the town.  From the cowardly Gabriel to slightly crazy Abraham, the townpeople come together like a family protecting one of their own.  With strength in numbers, the citizens plow through and clear the town of roamers with Rick racing to Carl’s bedside.  Rick, alone with his thoughts, comes around to changing his mind that will alter the dynamic of the town and Rick himself…but will it all come crashing down if Carl does not survive?

Kirkman again turns out another writing clinic on how to write emotion.  The man has a great knack for getting you emotionally invested in a book by causing you to care about the characters as if they were your very own family (one that you love, of course).  Two pieces of great writing in this issue; the first being Eugene declaring that everyone going to rally behind Rick is something that people will talk about and want to be a part of.  The second is Rick’s monologue discussing his change of mind and the sorrow for the consequences of his decision to abandon the town from the last issue.

The real shining star of this book is Charlie Adlard who again does all of the art for the book and cover.  Adlard’s real talent is the unique emotions he is able to convey for each individual character as they come to the aid of Rick.  He also, in such a subtle way, draws Rick during his fight with the roamers just so the reader can read Rick’s mind and see his constantly changing emotions right before the reader’s eyes.

This issue, not being as much of an emotional grinder as the last issue, feels like somebody just dumped the car from fourth to third gear.  With the last installment of No Way Out coming out next month, this issue will have you wondering what the hell is going to happen next and last.