Welcome to an all-new, all different episode of Then Is Now! We’ve changed up the format a bit. So far, most of the episodes have been comparing/contrasting older films and their remakes, and we had a great interview with Podcast extraordinaire, Derek M. Koch! This time around, Re-Gor is going solo to bring to you several topics of discussion that will surely generate discussion everywhere!

As you know, Then Is Now is dedicated to bringing to you all of the cool things that you may have missed out on! In this episode, Re-Gor opens up the month of Hallowtober with a discussion about a horror film from 2019 called the Color Out of Space, based on an H.P. Lovecraft story, as well as the role-playing game inspired by Lovecraft’s work, the Call of Cthulhu.

Also, Toys are discussed, in particular the new Jason figure from Friday the 13th part 3 (in SUPER 3-D!!!), a look at classic TV Guides from 1975, and a discussion about the resurgence of the Drive-In Theater!!

Join us for a great episode! We would love your feedback at thenisnow42@gmail.com (note that Re-Gor stupidly gives out the wrong email address in the show!).

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