Then Is Now Podcast Episode 29 – Mr. Lobo

Then Is Now Podcast Episode 29 – Mr. Lobo

Just in time for the New Year!

One of the main goals of Then Is Now is to bring you, the listener, up to speed on all the cool stuff you may have missed out on. Surprisingly, many of you may have never heard of the TV Horror Host! Shame on you if you don’t know what a Horror Host is, but worry not; we are here to remedy that!

Joining Re-Gor today is Horror TV Host extraordinaire, the incredible and unfathomable Mr. Lobo! He has been hosting movies for 20 years as well as having his hands in several other projects that will astound and amaze you (don’t worry, he washes his hands regularly)! We had a lot of laughs on this show, and we know you will as well!

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