This is another re-post of a recovered episode from 2018: The show that takes Pop Culture from the past and considers its relevance today tackles the original Robocop from 1987 and the remake from 2014. Arguably, it can be said that most remakes of good films are not really necessary. Hosts Re-Gor and Spency Domepiece tackle this particular beloved film (that really didn’t need a remake), but since Spency was 15 when we recorded this, the big questions were how does the original hold up to his generation, and will this new film be as long-lasting as the original?

Spency and Re-Gor also have a lively discussion regarding movie trailers and the fact that they give too much away. So go and watch both Robocops and come back for a listen as 2 generations compare/contrast the original and remake!

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