While soap operas are dwindling, they haven’t fully disappeared from our collective zeitgeist, and the ones that are surviving are definitely thriving in the pop culture. On today’s show, we have a guest who is more than just a soap actor. He’s a writer, producer and motivational speaker and has dabbled in so many facets of the entertainment industry that you will be surprised to learn what he’s been up to!

The awesome Sean Kanan joins the show and we discuss his career, his time on General Hospital and Bold and the Beautiful, his role in Karate Kid III, his current smash hit on Amazon, Studio City, and his new book “Way of the Cobra” among many other things!

Sean can be found at:



His Show, Studio City: https://watch.amazon.com/detail?asin=B0831S9K6R&territory=US&ref_=share_ios_season&r=web

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