Happy Thanksgiving, Listeners!

We here at Haven Podcasts are especially thankful for our listeners. Ever since Spency Domepiece and I covered Forbidden Planet (1956) back in episode 4, we’ve had quite a few people ask us to cover more classic Sci-Fi movies that everyone SHOULD know!

So, in response to that filmmaker Joe Lemieux will be joining me in a special sub-series here on Then Is Now, aptly titled Classic Sci-Fi Movies! In this episode, Joe and I discuss the 1953 epic, War of the Worlds from Producer George Pal! We had fun talking about the movie and had some great laughs while doing so!

We’ve got a lot of fun stuff coming up on Then Is Now, including continuing our primer on getting young people into watching horror films, starting with the Universal Classics, as well as several interviews with guests that you’ll love!

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