Interview & Written by Shaun Daniels and Photos & Edited by Sharon Wong with Audio Editing by Stephen Laskey of Laskey Productions

Every year at Boston Comic Con, there’s always something new that catches our eye, whether it be a comic or creator.  This year however was different as there were two things that caught our eye(s).  One was a creator (who will be featured in an upcoming interview) while the other were the fine folks from The Fictory.  What initially drew us to them was the Atomic Robo animated trailer (click here to watch) playing at the booth and then the video pinball machine based on their first Intellectual Property, Stabb Gunner.  Fortunately, Allen J. Clements, the master of PR for The Fictory and producer for their sister company, Postage VFX, was there to talk to us.  He gave us the lowdown on both Atomic Robo and Stabb Gunner as well as hinted at projects in the works.

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